My Approach

When you celebrate yourself, life becomes more enjoyable.

With kindness, compassion for where my patients are, and hope for where they are heading, I focus on helping patients understand the power of these same concepts in the therapy process.  For when one learns to prize and celebrate one’s self, life becomes not only safer, but also more enjoyable. 

Equipped with gratitude and self-compassion, as well as a toolbox of strategies, skills and newfound knowledge about themselves and the world around them, my patients make meaning of the symptoms they have struggled with and discover ways to move forward.  Contact me to learn more about compassion focused therapy. 


Dr. Gilbert's areas of focus include middle age and associated issues, as well as eating disorders and parenting, such as:

  • Launching children to college

  • Reinvigorating marital relationships

  • Career transition and returning to careers

  • Coping with aging parents

  • Family therapy

  • Gender Dysphoria, Transgender Issues, Sexual Orientation Confusion and Coming Out (Click to learn more.)

Individual Therapy

Stefanie Gilbert Individual Therapy

I can help you to relate to yourself more kindly, more compassionately, with greater patience and confidence.

Meeting for individual therapy includes one on one, 50-minute sessions in which we can work to understand the roots of your depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, and/or disordered eating symptoms.  We will focus on the concerns that bring you to therapy, as well as ongoing everyday stressors.  While your current symptoms might alleviate or help you temporarily escape from uncomfortable negative thoughts and feelings, we will gain insight into the meaning and purpose of what you are experiencing.  I can help you learn new skills for processing stressful experiences in ways that are more manageable and beneficial to your physical and emotional well-being. Working with me can help you to reduce stress and improve relationships.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful addition to individual therapy that helps reduce embarrassment and normalize the underlying emotional struggles that trigger disordered eating symptoms.

My Tuesday evening counseling group is for young women in their 20s who are recovering from eating disorders.  For many patients, the group may be the first time they have been able to openly disclose their eating disorder to other people, and for everyone, the group may be the first time they feel they can openly discuss powerful negative emotions that drive their self-harming behaviors.  

In the group, members connect with others who are struggling with managing uncomfortable negative emotions and learn skills to help them respond to these negative feelings in more responsive, compassionate, and effective ways.  The group therapy offers support and connection at a time when many individuals feel isolated and alone.  Members are encouraged to maintain connections and offer support to one another at whatever level feels comfortable to them in between group sessions. 

Parent and Family Eating Disorder Support Group

Stefanie Gilbert Parent and Family Eating DIsorder Support Group

Lending family support for eating disorders to parents and family members strengthens the client seeking therapy for eating disorders and the entire family system.

This Tuesday evening group for family members and parents of children with eating disorders provides information about the origins of eating disorders and treatment options, as well as emotional support and guidance to those who have a family member suffering from an eating disorder.  Although the group primarily attracts parents of those recovering from eating disorders, it is open to any individual who has a family member suffering from an eating disorder. This group meets from 6:00-7:00pm in Bethesda.


The shore is not far, and we can always learn to swim. If you have hit rock bottom, or are close, I encourage you to contact me to learn more today.

Dr. Stefanie Gilbert - anxiety and depression counseling, Bethesda, MD